Suwannee River Bass Fishing and Hog Hunting

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Fishing & Hunting Information

Fishing is excellent on the Suwannee River. We have Large Mouth Bass, Suwannee Bass, Mullet, Bream (Blue Gill, Sun Fish) and Channel Catfish. We have large Sturgeon (200 lbs.) but you can’t keep them.

Our boat ramp was constructed in the mid 1800’s and used as a ferry stop. It was called Grant’s Ferry and the other side of the ferry is just across the river and downstream from us. It is not used to put boats in anymore; however, there are a number of public boat ramps in the area. Down river from the Rendezvous by Troy Springs is a wreck of a boat used on the Suwannee when river traffic was used more than horse and carts.

Hunting season for wild hogs is year round and we have had a number of hunters who stay at the Rendezvous. They are having good luck in the Mallory Swamp WLR. Hunters have reported getting up to 4 wild hogs in a weekend. Absolutely no hunting on our premises.

Hunting is always good at the Suwannee River Ranch. Year round hunting with a guarantee of getting what you want. Check out their web site and get the trophy that you have always dreamed about.