Convict Spring

The best swimming!

Convict Spring has beautiful clear water that makes for great swimming.  The spring water flows at a constant 70.5 degrees all year long.

The river is beautiful and all the springs are clear.  Come and enjoy the river and springs at their best!

Suwannee River Water Management District has replaced our spring water gauge so we can read it now. The water level will be recorded every day and sent off to the SRWMD every month.

Convict Spring Cave

Convict Spring is fed from an underground cave system that is fed from the Florida aquifer.  The Convict Spring cave has very narrow passages and therefore diving the cave is not allowed.

Convict Spring

In 2001 Dell Moats, John Moseley, Michael Poucher, and Bill Rennaker were able to successfully survey the Convict Spring Cave. The extraordinary video footage is testament to the beautiful yet dangerous conditions inside the cave and can be viewed in the lodge.  The cave has been mapped to about ¼ of mile.

Why do they call it Convict Spring? This natural spring was home to a prison camp in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The prisoners worked on road projects (chain gangs) and when it was too far to go back to the jail, they stayed at remote camps throughout the county. Convict Spring was one of these remote camps. The large oak tree in front of the Shack was the “Hangin” tree. The prison was closed due to abuse to the prisoners. Treasure hunters have found some artifacts from the prison camp days on our property over the years. Today the spring is used by swimmers from all over the world, pets included.