Friends of the Suwannee River Rendezvous

We are pretty much back to normal.  The river has gone down quite a bit and we have moved back into all the buildings with no damage to anything.  The springs are starting to clear up.  We had a great turn out for the annual Easter Egg hunt.  Lots of helpers, and lots of hunters.

Charlie’s 4th Post

I have a lot of friends and mom tries to get pictures of them all. I remember my friends but mom has a hard time so my pages help her remember. She is getting up in years so her memory is not that good.

Charlie’s 3rd Post

I just got back from the Vet and I lost 4 lbs!!!  Mom can’t believe it.  She still says I should not go around begging food from people.  What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.  Killer gained ½ lb and he doesn’t even beg.  Go figure that one out.

Charlie’s 2nd Post

I have so many friends here at the Rendezvous that I needed more room for pictures.

Charlie’s 1st Post

I moved here with my family in December of 08.  Killer, the cat, lives here with me along with the three chickens.  I have a lot of friends that visit me here and I am going to have my mom take some pictures of me with them.  We get to play in the spring and the river, ride the gulf cart, chase chickens when dad isn’t looking…  Lots to do here.  I also greet the people in the Lodge.  Mostly I am on the sofa watching TV.  Come on in and say hi.  I’d love to meet you.